Babkin Racing (babkinracing) wrote in autocrossers,
Babkin Racing

Romulus National Tour

Surprisingly, I've managed to get the 2nd place in F-Stock. With Bruce Bellom and Ron Bistrais gone to other classes, Sam Strano was the only national-caliber driver. But there were 2 cars with 4 drivers with the latest Mustang Shelby GT. That's like a Mustang prepared most of the way to ESP.

And I've got lucky with the weather :-) Actually, Mike Potocky and I were pretty close, so maybe I could have beat him even without weather intervening. But in reality there was a rain on Saturday, with first drivers taking the first run with a light drizzle, and then it opened up. My run was not that great, very close to others, give or take a little, but I didn't hit a cone and all the others did. Other people were telling me that the track is oversteery, so I've set up to compensate and had lots of understeer on that run, making it slow. The balance actually was more oversteery than at Englishtown road course, very much like the NJ Expo center lot, and the setup I worked out for Expo center I think was best for Romulus.

The second drivers had a wet track but Sam still came only 0.5 seconds behind me (and some 4 seconds ahead of my second run). Then he tried the rain tires, and they worked worse. So for the 3rd run he switched back to slicks. Before the 3rd run the rain stopped and by the second drivers the track started drying up a little, so Sam had beat me by 0.3 seconds.

So the second day with 2 seconds ahead of 3rd place I did my best not to lose it. The course was very fast, much faster than it looked during the walk, and much faster than I'm used to. So I wasn't driving well, the data log shows that I wasn't using much grip. I've hit cones on the first two runs, so the 3rd run I took real easy and tried to stay real far away from the cones. Sam ran away with over 3 seconds from my best coned time, and 4.5 seconds from my best clean time.
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