Babkin Racing (babkinracing) wrote in autocrossers,
Babkin Racing


A while ago I've had an opportunity to use some good scales. So I've ewighed a bunch of wheel and tires:

Tires BFG R1 245/45R16 - 21.82#
Tires Kumho V710 265/45R16 - 25.56#
Tires used Hoosier R3S03 255/50R16 - 21.68, 22.81, 21.49#
Tires used Hoosier R3S03 245/45R16 - 17.75, 18.72#

Wheel 16x8 stock from '93 Camaro - 18.98#
Wheel 16x8 stock from '00 Camaro - 17.50#
Wheel 16x7 stock 5-spoke Mustang - 20.0#
Wheel 16x7 some aftermarket Mustang - 23.0#

A mounted V710 on '00 Camaro rim - 43.99#

As you can see, a mounted tire contains almost half a pound of compressed air inside it. And the Camaro rims got lighter over time. And the Mustang wheels are even older, and crap. And literally pounds of rubber come off the tire as it wears.
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