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Anyone need tires or rims? Check out this sweet deal from www.DiscountTireDirect.com!

Save $100.00 Instantly!

As a special incentive to our online buyers, we are offering instant savings for a limited time. Receive $100.00 instantly with the purchase of 4 tires or 4 wheels.
This savings will be reflected automatically in your shopping cart and applies to the purchase of 4 tires or 4 wheels. You must complete your order online. This offer can be combined with any current promotions and will expire Oct 20, 2007.

I just ordered 4 Hankook snows and 4 steel rims to go with it, for a TOTAL prince, delivered, of $208, which is cheaper than the price normally for just the tires. No driving off into a ditch this winter for this VW!!

(No, I don't work for them, a guy on my Solo mailing list posted this to the group, and I LEAPED on it.)
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