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Local Autocross

Today was the third Spokes autocross event of the year. Being central Texas, it was relatively warm, but it decided to sprinkle in the morning. The site we were at is not exactly entirely level, so there were puddles a'plenty. I was driving a 2007 Mini Cooper S, and my normal drive is a 2006 MX-5 in CSP. So I had wet + FWD when I'm used to RWD... It was quite a day.

We were divided into two heats, and each heat got 3 morning runs and 3 afternoon runs. The owner of the car I was running was registered in XPro (a Spokes PAX class), and I was registered in GS. He ended up in the first heat and I in the second, so we didn't end up having to treat the car like a 2 driver car. For the morning heats, the course was still very wet - there was still just a bit of misting - and the AWD cars had a huge advantage. The Mini was still on street tires, at that point, but nearing the end of second heat, the course started to dry out. Over lunch, anyone who had slicks and wasn't already on them swapped tires, as the sun had come out and the course was drying up pretty well. There were still quite a few puddles, but just enough to make things entertaining.

If I'm remembering correctly, top time of the day dropped by about four seconds nearly immediately in the first afternoon heat. Then Lance, driving a Z06, and Dan, the owner of the Mini I ran, started battling for top PAX time of the day. I got to ride with both of them and had an absolute blast teasing the both of them about how fast the other one was. I took advantage of my early work assignment and rode with quite a few other people as well. This, plus the drying course, really paid off for me, as my first afternoon run launched me to 6th in PAX. My second afternoon run was spent testing how late I could brake, and ended up being fairly poor, and alas, my last afternoon run had a dumb cone down. My last afternoon run was 1.2 seconds faster than my first afternoon run, and was a mere .4 seconds behind Dan... If only I could have avoided that one cone! I ended up 7th in PAX (if I'm remembering correctly - results aren't posted yet) even without that faster time, and this in a car I'd only autocrossed once before and driven about 5 miles on the street. I'm very pleased with the day overall - the driving was a blast and the company was great. I'm looking forward to the SASCA event in two weekends and the first of the Southwest divisionals after that.
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